Join the most Adrenaline Fueled Club



After a day in the skies we can relax at the bar.

Watch the pros jump on wide screen TV's.

Basketball, Table Tennis and Pool tables onsite.

We have close connections with Southampton, Portsmouth, Bath and Stirling Universities.


This is the university league of skydivers.

It provides promoted events the year around with discounted jump costs and discounted alcohol.

These are great opportunities to enjoy, hot air balloon and helicopter jumps which we would not normally be able to organise.


For the last 3 years the BCPA has organised a 2 week skydiving holiday to California for hundreds of skydivers.

Quality accomodation, in the sizzling sun at affordable prices.

Club Socials

Socials include the usual student drinking antics in bars and clubs, including themed nights.

We also hold non alcoholic socials, visiting the cinema, bowling and trips to Thorpe Park.